The Saga of Pas de Deux, Chapter 14: Still Not Sailing, but Things Are Looking Good

It’s a bit early to judge, but so far 2018 has been a pretty good year. The whole family’s together once again (Benn, myself, Fuji, and our jaunty little S/V Pas de Deux) and we’ve been settling into life at our new, fancy marina. Sure, it’s been chilly, but it could be worse, and, even... Continue Reading →


The Saga of Pas de Deux, Chapter 13: Reunited at Last! Christmas Bells are Ringing!

Good news, everyone! After an exciting 10-month wait, the UK Home Office has granted me the right to live in the same country as my lawfully wedded husband! Not only that, but the “UK Decision Making Centre” gave me a generous 30 DAYS to enter the country, starting the day before I received my confirmation... Continue Reading →

The Saga of Pas de Deux, Part 11: Pas de Deux Breaks Free of the Chains that Bind Her! Benn Finally Tastes Liberty on the High Seas! Sarah Continues to Await News of her Legal Status in the United Kingdom!

Yes, our dear little Pas de Deux, after at least 3 years of sad and patient waiting, has finally moved! Only two short days ago, she cast off her mooring lines and, with Benn standing bravely at the helm, she motored happily away from the dock. Joyful at her long-awaited release, Pas de Deux slid... Continue Reading →

Boaty Book Review: Hornblower and the ‘Hotspur,’ the third book in the Hornblower saga, by C.S. Forrester

After so much fun listening to the audio book versions of the the first two installments of the Hornblower saga, imagine my disappointment at learning that the third book, Hornblower and the ‘Hotspur,’ also read by Christopher Radeska, was unavailable in audiobook form! Have no fear, gentle reader! Happily, my father had the entire Hornblower... Continue Reading →

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