The Boat Is Ours!

And…we have her!

Pas de Deux, a capable, if somewhat rough around the edges, Oceanic 30 catamaran is ours. We have paid the deposit, signed the papers, and Benn is over at the marina in Ipswich now, swabbing the deck and doing other boaty things to get her in ship shape.

There is no question that she will need a bit of work (see the picture below for confirmation), but we are so ready and willing and able to do it, that it hardly even matters.



  1. Good luck Sarah C (or Sarah G?)… Sounds like a wonderful adventure. Maybe one day you’ll be passing through the Panama Canal and pick us up for a sail. Love ya. Tia em


      1. I have just read this and yes we did own her and name her I will give you much more info in time. It’s good to hear someone will give her as much love and attentin as we did.


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