Renovation Update: Immediate Repairs and Pressing Affairs

This has been a very exciting week for little Pas de Deux.  Benn and Fuji are finally settling into life aboard and have been giving Pas de Deux her very first renovation treatments. As far as we know, the biggest, most time-consuming renovations that need to be done on Pas de Deux are cosmetic. There are, however,... Continue Reading →


Survey Says….

As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of the reasons Benn and I were able to get our boat so cheaply is that we bought it without a recent survey. After all, we did have access to a survey that was only three years old — and there's not much that can really go wrong with... Continue Reading →

Step One: Buy the Boat

Today, Benn has started moving our things over to Ipswich, and it finally feels like she is ours — our little Oceanic 30, Pas de Deux. All in all, the time span between deciding to get a catamaran, selling our narrowboat, and buying Pas de Deux has been relatively short. It’s only been 4 months... Continue Reading →

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