OUR FIRST VIDEO: Oceanic 30 Walkthrough

When we were first looking at boats, one of the most useful resources we could find were walkthrough videos. They give a much better sense of size, movement, and layout than photographs do, and it was important to us to have a feel for the interior of the boat before we actually invested the time and petrol money in going to see it. Once I had to go back to Louisiana, the videos became even more important, as it was hard for me to envision what Benn was complaining about when he’d call me after yet another depressing viewing of a depressing boat, all sad and dejected and rueing the day he married a woman who made him live on a sailboat.

Blueprints found online – you try to read them.

When we were first looking at Pas de Deux, I could only find one walkthrough video of an Oceanic 30 online, which was only moderately helpful. So, I was very excited when he was able to go back to the boat with a video camera and send me the footage. Of course, by that time, the purchase of the boat was already agreed upon, so it no longer mattered if I liked it or not, but it was good to see it anyway. I was already looking up blueprints on line and cooking up renovation plans (more on those later), and the video gave me a better idea of what we had to work with.

If you are interested in seeing the interior of an Oceanic 30 in a state of moderate disrepair, click on this link and watch our video. It is also an introduction to our YOU TUBE channel, which one day will feature all kinds of videos about restoring our boat, travelling to seaside towns around England, learning to sail, and finally…the whole of our journey as we make our way across the Channel, down through the canals of France, out into the Mediterranean, and maybe even across the Atlantic. The plan isn’t so fixed yet, seeing as how it will probably not happen for another year or so…which is ALL THE MORE REASON to subscribe to our YouTube channel and be the first to know that we have sunken our boat/given up sailing/been attacked by pirates/run out of money.




  1. I really enjoyed your style of writing. I,m a retired teacher and have two very good books on sailing

    catamarans. If you give me a postal address you can have them for free. My sailing Bible is Nigel Cardels Electrics and Mechanics.


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