Pas de Deux Update #6: Home for the Holidays! It’s Going to Be a Wet Christmas…

We are spending the holidays in Merry Olde England this year (actually, we’ll be in Merry Olde Wales, but that’s another story), so last week, Benn and I made the journey from Louisiana to Ipswich — where Pas de Deux lay patiently awaiting our return. Even though we bought her three months ago, I still... Continue Reading →


Pas de Deux Update #5: Halfway Around the World and Back — Just Not in a Boat

Yikes! This is our first post since Halloween. (Thanks to our number one fan, Ian, for noticing!) It seems we missed the month of November entirely — possibly an act of subconscious wish fulfillment, as I would like nothing more than to see November 2016, along with all of its attendant horrors, entirely erased from... Continue Reading →

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