The Saga of Pas de Deux, Part 9: A Married Couple CONTINUES to Suffer the Injustices of a Cruel World! A Vessel Lost at Sea and Heroically Recovered! Alternative Energy Sources Secured by Enterprising and Parsimonious Sailor!

No news is good news, as the saying goes — which only goes to show that whoever coined that phrase was not waiting for UK Borders and Immigration to respond to her spousal visa application. We have not as yet received any news regarding my UK visa, and although that might only indicate that the... Continue Reading →


On Bored/ Board Systems: Electrical Systems

Part I: AC/DC Power   Much of living on a boat (especially living on a boat affordably) consists of maintenance and upkeep - and not the kind of upkeep where you’re happily polishing the brass while whistling a jaunty sailing tune, but the kind of upkeep where you’re servicing engines, monitoring voltage outputs, and repairing faulty... Continue Reading →

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