Liveaboard Lifestyle: Why it’s always worth it, even when sometimes it seems like it’s not.

What with our lengthy separation  and the memory of Benn’s hard, lonely, and wet winter aboard Pas de Deux still fresh in mind, it is sometimes hard for Benn and me to remember why we ever wanted to live on a boat in the first place. Boats are tiny, cramped, and weird. Everything is perpetually... Continue Reading →


Boaty Book Review: Hornblower and the ‘Hotspur,’ the third book in the Hornblower saga, by C.S. Forrester

After so much fun listening to the audio book versions of the the first two installments of the Hornblower saga, imagine my disappointment at learning that the third book, Hornblower and the ‘Hotspur,’ also read by Christopher Radeska, was unavailable in audiobook form! Have no fear, gentle reader! Happily, my father had the entire Hornblower... Continue Reading →

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