Catamaran Pilot Guide

We’ve noticed that most sailing pilot guides, though helpful, are written with your average monohull sailor in mind.  All of the little creeks and shallow bays and hidden anchorages that owners of catamarans and shallow-draft boats can enjoy are written off as dangerous death traps which promise disaster and shipwreck to the careless sailor.  While it’s true that some of these shallow bays certainly are wrought with dangers, others are perfect catamaran beaching zones and worth sharing with our fellow shallow-draft sailors.

At the risk of alienating the locals who’ve shared with us their closely-guarded secrets of sandy beaches and secluded bays, we’ve decided to put together our own little amateur catamaran guide to the places we’ve visited, so that those of you who are equally unencumbered by enormous keels can share in some of the catamaran-only fun we’ve discovered along the way.

Note: It’s worth remembering that when it comes to sailing, we are pretty much amateurs, so please don’t put too much faith in what we have to say.  We claim no responsibility for any damaged propellors, rudders, or egos which may result from following our advice.

Harwich: An Amateur Catamaran Pilot Guide, by the Crew of PDD